613 Investment Group GmbH

Revitalization of historical monuments

Property as a capital investment

We, the 613 Investment Group GmbH, are an investment company headquartered in the beautiful Upper Franconian town of Coburg with over 20 years of market experience.

Our company has a special interest in preparing cultural and historical monuments and transforming them into contemporary, modern living and working spaces. In addition, we develop and build single-family houses, apartments as well as offices, retail spaces and hotels. Lovable projects are created and the charm of the past is preserved in the historic buildings.

Tradition meets modernity

Some of our reference projects

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Lovingly preserved historical charm

Combining history and the future - thanks to the highest level of expertise

Our team of experienced architects and qualified experts create a link between tradition and modernity in conjunction with the heritage authorities. Our construction projects include apartment buildings, detached houses and commercial buildings.

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